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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Mom Doesn't Like Peas

I have had 32 years to learn to be picky with what I eat. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. I'd love to learn to give up some of my food quirks and like different foods. For example, I would love to enjoy a fresh, raw tomato. But I can't. I just can't do it! Same with raw onions.

I used to stay away from serving those things to my family. It was my choice what to serve, and why would I serve something that I didn't like?

Then my mom came for a visit. I served peas with dinner. Even though I've known my entire life that my mom does NOT eat peas, nor did she ever serve them to us growing up, I still put them on table. I was completely oblivious. She turned to my oldest and said :I bet your mom makes you eat peas, doesn't she?" That's when it hit me.

I love peas (fresh or frozen only, thank you) now. I've only been eating them for about 12 years though. Initially, I think I liked them out of rebellion. I didn't want to set my kids up for the same fate. I didn't want them furtively sneaking fresh tomatoes behind the house when I was out.

That's when I decided I had to change.

My kids do not know that I don't like fresh tomatoes. And you what? They all love them! I still can't eat raw onions, but I do cook with them all the time now. I had no idea how much flavor my dishes were lacking when I left out onions.

I try to never let my impressions of food show, at least not when the kids are around. I know they will have plenty of foods they do not like without my swaying them against my dislikes. I'll let them come to their own conclusions.

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MemeGRL said...

My father was dead and buried before I found out he loathed lima beans. He wasn't crazy about any other green vegetable either. But he ate them every single night of my life at the dinner table so I love them all. Good for you.

brudcrew said...

Good for you! People think our kids are aliens when I tell them that my darlings love spinach, chard, crab, asparagus, and the list goes on. I firmly believe that the more foods we are exposed to the more we like and the healthier we are. I have to admit though, I rarely serve things I don't like. You have given me some "food" for thought! :)

Lori said...

I'm picky. I eat chicken and turkey--that's it for meat. I eat leafy greens, squash, carrots and peppers--that's it for veggies. But my kids, they eat everything but brussel sprouts. My daughter has been known to eat raw onions and help herself to extra kale. She also has ventured into her Oma's world of tongue sandwiches (leaving mom to gag).

Anonymous said...

wow what a great thought! i HATE eggs with a passion and never cook them for my family. going to go cook some now for my son :)

Michelle said...

I learned this thry hard way...after training my (now) 17 year old to be ever so picky...because i was.

Kirby3131 said...

I love veggies - all of them it seems - but mother rarely made anything but broccoli. I think us kids learned to love the other veggies just because we got them so seldom LOL

That is so good that you are giving your kids a chance to make thier own decisions on what foods they love to eat.

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Erin K. said...

Wow - what a revelation! Thanks for sharing this!

AmyK said...

I wish my husband had employed this before he married me; his daughter is NUTS about eating. She won't eat ANYTHING because she's heard and seen her dad hate so many things. It sure makes life hard for me. Our future kids won't be that picky, that's for sure! 'Cause I'll duct tape Hubby's mouth shut before he can ruin more kids! Lol! I wasn't picky at ALL when I was a kid; my favorite food was artichokes. Why? Because my mom likes most foods, too, and is open to trying anything; she never openly expressed a hatred for anything.

photoqueen said...

That's such a good point! My husband is super picky, and I'm not much better, when it comes to veggies. But we really want our daughter to be a healthy, NON-picky eater! Of course, easier said than done when cooking broccoli for her - I can't help it, that stuff stinks! :)

Michelle said...

the only thing I will never cook for my kids is liver---thanks to a horrible high school biology experiment, the smell of it literally makes me sick.

Hubby has banned fish from the house for the smell, but we cook it on the grill ;)

Shannon said...

I'm the "picky" one in the family. Thankfully, my husband will eat anything and everything, so it made me fix things for him that I normally wouldn't have fixed. In turn, it opened a lot of doors for the boys to try new things. As I've gotten older, my own palate has changed significantly, and I enjoy so much more than I ever did as a kid. I have been very fortunate that my boys will try anything and almost always love it. They eat so well and I am so proud of them!